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"I particularly enjoyed my politics course and English literature course. The English literature trip to the battle fields during A2 is one of my favourite memories form East Norfolk. I also loved how passionate the tutors were about their subjects. "
Sarah Ellero
Former EN Student
"East Norfolk gave me the stepping stones I needed to be where I am today and it is safe to say I would not be in the position I am today without them and I am truly thankful for the help and support my tutors and the college gave me."
Louis Cook
"East Norfolk was such a wonderful college due to the dedication and commitment of the teaching staff to our learning, and their support throughout the academic year, from extra revision sessions to university applications."
Rebecca Wigmore
"The two years I spent at ENSFC were two of the best of my education and the enthusiasm of my law teacher was what encouraged me to consider studying law at degree level. All of my tutors were approachable and 100% supportive when it came to making decisions about higher education. Sport on Wednesday afternoons was also a big highlight for me and I have many great memories of hockey training and road trips with some really great friends who I then went on to University with."
Abi Creak
Former EN Student
"My memories of college are very positive ones! Not only did I meet some great people - both student and teachers, but it gave me the grounding to apply myself, to question and to think critically. ENSFC acted as a fantastic platform to help me understand what I wanted to do at university and beyond. "
Rebecca Mahony
Former EN Student
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