Proposal to Convert to an Academy

The Chancellor announced in November 2015 that Sixth Form Colleges would be eligible to assume academy status and be viewed in the same way as Academy Schools. East Norfolk Sixth Form College has met the conditions required to convert and a consultation document which is a necessary part of the process was issued on 14 July 2017.

The consultation on the proposal to dissolve East Norfolk Sixth Form College and become an academy took place from 14 July to 17 September 2017. The initial planned end date had been 13 August but following a response to the consultation the time scale was extended to take account of the summer holiday period and thus encourage additional replies.

The outcome of the consultation for both the dissolution of the College and formation of East Norfolk Multi Academy Trust was.

  • Three negative responses (20%)
  • Twelve Positive responses (80%)

The responses were as replies to the on-line survey and by letter.

The governing body has taken the outcome of the survey into the final decision to acadamise and hereby gives notice of its intention to dissolve the corporation on 28 February (or as soon as possible thereafter) and to reform as a multi academy trust, where East Norfolk Sixth Form College Academy will be the delivery arm for sixth form provision.

The original consultation notice can be viewed below.

We are pleased to announce that since the Area Review of Post-16 Education and Training in Norfolk and Suffolk recommended in March 2017 that EN has considered the possibility of becoming an Academy, significant progress has been made towards this proposal. 

East Norfolk Sixth Form College firmly believes that the formation of a Multi Academy Trust, East Norfolk Multi Academy Trust (ENMAT), will benefit all stakeholders including current and prospective students, staff and the wider community. The current ethos and excellent results of EN will underpin the Multi Academy Trust, moving it forward to become an outstanding organisation.

Why is the formation of ENMAT proposed?

The Area Reviews carried out across the country were designed to ensure that colleges are financially stable into the longer term and can run efficiently to meet the future needs of individual students.

The development of the Multi Academy Trust will provide the following benefits:

  • ENMAT will work even more effectively with schools and academies through the MAT structure and Regional Schools Commissioner to support student social mobility and improved performance through effective information sharing, transition and collaboration.
  • ENMAT will share good practice with other academies not just locally but also nationally through becoming a Teaching School specialising in STEM and sixth form improvement. The Teaching School will be established in Norfolk – one of the target areas identified by the Department of Education (DfE) and the Regional Schools Commission (RSC).
  • ENMAT will develop leadership skills amongst our middle and senior leaders to provide strong leaders into the future.
  • ENMAT will deliver teacher training to new entrants to the profession and work with partners wishing to attract high quality applicants to the East through the Teaching School and through effective sharing of training and recruitment techniques.
  • ENMAT will be financially stronger due to the benefit of the VAT reduction and through shared procurement and services with other Trusts. Savings will be used to ensure the continuation of a broad curriculum offer and for quality improvement for Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and North Suffolk. 

What will becoming a Multi Academy Trust involve?

Subject to this public consultation process and to legal and financial due diligence studies, it is proposed that the Corporation of EN will be dissolved as a legal body and its assets and liabilities transferred to ENMAT. All staff will be transferred to ENMAT. All students enrolled at EN at the date of academisation will be able to complete their courses as planned with ENMAT.

Date of the transfer to ENMAT

Subject to this public consultation and legal and financial due diligence, the planned date is 1 December 2017.


Notice of Dissolution of East Norfolk Sixth Form College

East Norfolk Sixth Form College – Public Consultation

In summary

The Chair and Corporation members, offer Norfolk a forward-thinking plan that addresses the needs of local students, parents, employers and other stakeholders and which will act as a catalyst for local and regional economic prosperity.