The Student Association are a group of students elected by the student body.

Student Association

The elections for this year’s Student Association were held during the last college year in March. Members hold different roles including; Mental Health Officer, Social Events Officer and Treasurer. The Student Association is completely student led and funded solely through student activities.

Along with the standard roles, we have two Student Governors both of whom are elected within the Student Association. Student Governors play an important role of giving feedback directly to the Governing body in board meetings – feedback on new changes to the college e.g. the introduction of the Adnitt Centre. This enables the student body’s voice put forward towards Governors.

The objective of the Student Association is to try and make the College as best as we can for students. One of our main jobs is to address the concerns of all the students in the college, and see if we can change anything to address those concerns. Student Forums are held during the year, where Reps (students) voice their concerns/ideas to the SA; this information is then discussed in our meetings and passed on to SMT or other members of staff. Other ideas can also be communicated to us through our; Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or suggestion box located in the Adnitt Centre (home of the Student Association).

The Student Association help students set up their own clubs and societies – this can be through a small amount of funding that can be request or by advertisement. An example of one of the clubs is The Debating Society which has been successfully run for many years. We aim to support as many clubs and societies as possible. Throughout the year, we hold as many events as possible. A very popular event is the karaoke sessions we have during the year – this was especially popular at Christmas when we also provided sweets.

Along with this The Student Association carry out a lot of fundraising for charities. East Norfolk Sixth Form College has been identified as a BBC Children in Need Loyal Supporter – one of the top 500 fundraisers out of more than 17,500 schools & colleges.

Pictured - This year's Association (left to right):

William West (Communications & Marketing), Lewis Turrell (Treasurer) Marcus Leonard (Physical Health Officer), Tierney Webb (Wellbeing Officer), Kyle Hughes (Opportunities - Arts & Media), Brandon Miller (President), Karli Scott (Equality and Diversity Officer), Rebecca Humphrey (Opportunities - STEM), Maximus Hubbard (Vice President) and Danielle Smith (Social Events Officer).