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This course is equivalent to a GCSE level course. Criminology is the study of criminals, victims and theories explaining illegal behaviour. You will also look at the social reaction to crime and the effectiveness of anti-crime policies.


  • 50% from controlled assessment
  • 50% from coursework.

Entry Requirements

Grade 3 or above in GCSE English Language.


Unit 1 – Aspects of crime

  • Different ways of defining crime and deviance
  • Distinguishing between corporate crime, white-collar crime, organised crime, state crime and street crime
  • The main features of a range of biological, psychological and social explanations of crime
  • Sources of data on crime and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses including, official crime statistics, self-report studies, victim studies including the British Crime Survey.

Unit 2 – Criminal justice system, crime and social groups

  • The main features of the criminal justice system
  • A more in-depth description of the main features of at least one of the following; policing, the courts and sentencing, prisons, community sentences
  • The relationship between criminality and the operation of the criminal justice system with reference to at least one of the following, gender, ethnicity, social class or age
  • The relationship between crime, criminal justice and at least one issue of importance and relevance to students.


The course aims to provide a basic understanding of crime and deviance and provide understanding of careers in criminology. You will also develop your evaluation skills whilst gaining a GCSE equivalent qualification which will be invaluable if you want to progress to Level 3 Criminology.

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Level 2 Certificate

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