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The course concentrates on the mastery of French and it demands a high level of interest in a wide range of modern issues and current affairs. AS / A2 French is suitable for those students who have enjoyed previous study of French and who wish to extend that study, opening up excellent prospects for European careers.

You will have access to specialist computer applications, literature and a range of foreign language films. You will learn about France and gain valuable insights into the culture of the country.

The four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking will be practised in each lesson. Not only will you achieve an advanced level of French, you will also develop a deeper understanding of society and global issues, particularly those pertaining to French speaking countries.

Pictured - This year's European Commission Juvenes Translatores (Young Translators Competition) EN Team - Left-Right: Maya Kuijper, Ellie Hagan, Elsa Pearson & Paige Ivey-Bond


A combination of oral, listening, reading and essay writing will be assessed in 3 examinations at the end of the AS year.

There will be 3 more examinations and an independent research project at the end of the 2nd year.

Entry Requirements

Grade B or above in GCSE French and at least Grade 4 in GCSE English Language.

Average GCSE Scores

Please note that for some of our courses, we require a minimum average GCSE score.
We use average GCSE scores to ensure our students enrol on courses where they have the greatest opportunity to succeed.

- - 9
A* - 8
A - 7
B - 6
C - 5
D - 4
E - 3
F - 2
G - 1

How to work out your average GCSE Score
To calculate your score, take your best eight GCSE qualifications which must include GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths. To work out each point score, add them all together and then divide the total by eight.

BTEC Firsts, CiDA, DiDA, Functional Skills Level 1/2, GCSE Short Courses, OCR Vocational & ECDL qualifications are not counted towards Average GCSE Scores however we do take them into consideration when assessing overall academic achievement and your suitability for BTEC and other vocational courses. 

There may be other requirements you need to meet, in order to enter EN on the desired programme you wish to study. If at any time you have any questions or queries please e-mail We will be happy to advise you further.

EN reserves the right to change our Entry Requirements to match the needs of our students.


3 topics looking at aspects of contemporary French life, such as:

  • The changing role of the family
  • The use of IT in daily life
  • Rights and liberties

Study of a French film and / or literature

3 cultural topics:

  • French festivals
  • French art and architecture
  • French cultural heritage

Multicultural societies

Study of a French film and / or literature


You will achieve a high level of literacy and fluency in French and will gain a deeper understanding of French society and the issues affecting it. Being able to speak a modern foreign language is a valuable skill which many employers look for. Many students who have studied languages have excellent communication skills and an ability to create and maintain a coherent and cohesive argument, qualities which often lead to enhanced job prospects.

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