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These days most films on DVD come with a load of extras: how the film was made, deleted scenes and out-takes. If you enjoy the extras as well as watching the film then this might be the course for you. We start in the familiar surroundings of Hollywood before venturing beyond to explore world cinema. Learn from the greats and then create your very own film ideas.

You will look at the language of film, how films are constructed, who watches them and who the institutions are behind them. You will get the opportunity to design marketing materials for films and to study texts, directors and actors that you are particularly interested in.


This qualification consists of 2 X 90 minute exams and a coursework production. The coursework is worth 30% or the overall qualification and the exams account for the remaining 70%.

Entry Requirements

A grade 3 in GCSE English Language is essential. Applicants should have achieved at least a grade 3 in four or more subjects at Level 2.


• Component 1: Key Developments in US Film. This component assesses knowledge and understanding of three US films chosen from a range of options. Assessment consists of four questions on one pair of US mainstream films and one US independent film.

• Component 2: Global Film: Narrative, Representation and Film Style. This component assesses knowledge and understanding of three global films produced outside the US chosen from a range of options. Assessment consists of three questions in three sections, covering global English language film, global non-English language film and also contemporary UK film.

• Component 3: Production. This component assesses the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of film to a production and its accompanying evaluative analysis. Learners produce: one genre-based film extract (either from a film or from a screenplay) and one evaluative analysis of the production, where learners analyse and evaluate their production in relation to comparable, professionally-produced films or screenplays.


This course builds on your own interest in film and you will develop a much greater appreciation of this fantastic art form. The knowledge you gain and the skills you learn will not only increase your enjoyment of film, they will also give you valuable skills should you want to progress to A levels in courses such as Film, Media, English and Photography or the BTEC in Film & TV Production.

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