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You will develop skills required within the health and social care sector for a number of areas including child, youth, adult and health care. The course will help you to develop an understanding about the working practices of a number of areas within health and social care, and skills to progress to Level 3.

This will be offered as a single block (equivalent to 1 GCSE) if opting for the award and a two block option (equivalent to two GCSEs) if opting for the Certificate.


1 x written examination (25%) and 3 x internally assessed coursework units (75%) (Award ONLY)

The Certificate will comprise the above to give overall:

2x written exams (25%) and 6x internally assessed coursework units (75%)

Entry Requirements

Grade 3 GCSE profile or evidence of potential.


You will study the relevant theory and then complete project work in the following areas:

  • Health & Social Care Values (Award)
  • Effective Communication (Award)
  • Promoting Health & Well-being (Award).
  • You will also study the relevant theory and then complete a written exam in Lifespan Development (Award).

For those choosing the Certificate, in addition to the units above you will also study:

  • The Impact of Nutrition and Healthy Living (Both units Certificate only)
  • Individual Rights and Services in Health and Social Care (Both units Certificate only).

You will study the relevant theory in Healthy Living and complete a written exam in it (Certificate only).


You will gain a valuable insight into the health and social care sector. A relevant qualification will be very useful if you are considering a career in any nursing discipline, childcare or social work.

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