The Law affects every part of our lives and it is really not difficult to find examples of the law in society. Whether you are learning to drive, starting a part time job, buying something from a shop or joining a club. Law is everywhere.

The course provides a good, sound introduction to how the criminal and civil courts and processes work.

  • Ever wondered what the difference is between a solicitor and barrister?
  • Have you ever wondered what powers the police have in relation to the arrest, detention and questioning of those suspected of committing a criminal offence?
  • What rights does a suspect have?
  • Ever wondered what happens in the civil and criminal courts or where the law comes from?

As you find out the answers to these questions you will have gained a through insight into how the law works.

Pictured - Trip to Norwich Crown Court

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The course is continually assessed through coursework – all units are internally assessed and to achieve a qualification at Level 2 all 9 assignments must be passed.

Grade 3 in GCSE English Language is essential.

Average GCSE Scores

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How to work out your average GCSE Score
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  • Introduction to the English Legal System: the civil and criminal court system, lawyers and lay people (juries and magistrates)
  • Introduction to police powers and procedure: stop, search, arrest and detain.
  • Introduction to criminal law and Procedure.

Students who perform well can move to the BTEC Level 3 Law.

The course will particularly appeal to learners who would like to follow a career in law which includes working in the courts, solicitors’ offices, the police or criminal justice system. However it is valuable to all leaners in providing a good understanding of law and society.

  • Level: BTEC Level 2
  • Other Courses of Interest: Law goes well with most subjects at Level 2/GCSE or AS
  • 100%

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Sarah Ellero
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Abi Creak
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Rebecca Mahony
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"East Norfolk helped massively in getting me to university. My a level subjects helped me to realise the topics I enjoyed the most, and ucas applications were dealt with simply with the help that was available for this. The learning environment at EN has also greatly helped me settle into the lecture teaching style, where self study learning is hugely encouraged."
Edward Nourse
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