A taste for a future in Healthcare

A former student of ours passed the Health & Care Academy in December 2019, opening her eyes to a fruitful career path in nursing. Cerys Humphries, who studied an extended diploma in Public Services, also volunteered in her spare time to gain extra experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry.

The Health & Care Academy is a programme run by the hospital to provide students with essential training both in-field and academically to take on a full time role in the healthcare industry.

During her time with the James Paget University Hospital, Cerys had the opportunity to learn key information about the industry and get a hands-on experience through the training sessions and has enabled Cerys to understand the attributes most important for a healthcare professional to have. In addition to this, Cerys learnt the many routes available to her when getting into health care.

Cerys Humphries speaking about how she got into the healthcare industry: “When I started at East Norfolk, I was adamant I wasn’t going to study at university, as the thought of debt worried me. However, the support from my tutors and other staff really opened my eyes. For me, the Senior Health & Care Academy, organised by the James Paget Education Team, was the decider. This was the confirmation I needed to decide Nursing was right for me.”