EN student completes Internship with large offshore company, Vattenfall

During the Summer, several EN students completed the East Coast Energy Internship at a collection of engineering companies including Vattenfall, UK Power House Networks and NEXUS. Our Futures Team worked closely with EEEGR on this project and the Ogden Trust. We caught up with EN student, Sharna Ford-Busson, about her time with Vattenfall and the importance of placements at the Offshore Wind Week 2019 conference at Orbis Energy.

Sharna Ford-Busson speaking about her time working with Vattenfall, with help from TMS Media:

“An industry placement has allowed me to experience a professional setting at a young age. This was important to me because after university I will have to work within this setting and experiencing this will prepare me for the future.

Beforehand, my main concern was whether they had any high expectations of me, but they didn’t. The team was extremely welcoming and friendly, and they understood my background of no professional employment, so I wasn’t under too much pressure. The tasks given to me were similar to aspects of my current courses.This helped me feel at ease rather than stressing under a new structure of working.

The best part of an industry placement is that it never fully finishes - afterwards you’re still in contact with the team and they are constantly offering future opportunities to help enhance your experience and connection to the company and others. I highly recommend gaining this experience to anybody because of the future benefits and the professional experience you will gain.”