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Information Evening

5pm - 7pm

Tuesday 5 March 2019 – 5pm to 7pm

The Information Evening represents a further for students looking to start in 2019, who missed our November Open Evenings, to come and meet staff and students and have a good look at our amazing campus and facilities. We hope that you will find it informative and helpful in supporting your decision-making.

Aims of the evening

To provide visitors with the opportunity to:

• Find out about specific subjects and discuss questions with teachers

• Look at the facilities in both subject areas and across the college as a whole

• Raise any general questions about the college and/or the admissions process.


The Principal will host a presentation at 6pm in the Lecture Hall. The talk does provide a useful overview for parents.

The questions and advice below are aimed at encouraging students to think about the most important questions when deciding about both where and what to study.

• What are your favourite subjects at school?

• Why do you enjoy these subjects?

• What are you interested in and what do you like doing?

• Careers ideas

• What are you currently planning to do once you have left school and what alternatives are there

• List the subjects that look interesting, but you are not certain what they involve

• What are the entry requirements for the subjects that you are interested in?


Do not try to sort out the best choices without any advice.

TEACHERS: Talk to your teachers and tutor about what they think you would be good at and what subjects might build on your strengths.

PARENTS: Ask your parents about what they see as your key academic and personal strengths.

CAREERS ADVICE: Use the careers information at schools or talk to careers staff to get up to date information on careers and the range of study options. You can either approach this by asking about careers you think are interesting and what you need to get into those careers or you can look at what you like studying/doing and ask what careers might build on your strengths and interests.