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Students and staff at East Norfolk Sixth Form College are again celebrating an impressive set of A level results with 98.3 per cent receiving A*-E passes and 73 per cent of students receiving A*-C grades. East Norfolk principal Daphne King said: “I am absolutely thrilled with these results. Our students have once again notched up a fantastic set of results due to their hard work and the terrific expertise of our staff.

Four students are going to Cambridge, two students are off to study medicine and hundreds off to Britain’s top universities as well as employment and apprenticeships so I am very proud indeed and would like to congratulate all our staff and students.

This is my last year of results as I am retiring and results day has always been my favourite day of the year - sharing the joy with the students as they go off to fulfil their dreams. And the common factor when I speak to students is their appreciation of the teachers at EN. Time after time, students tell me that they have been inspired by their teachers to stretch their goals and reach for the top.”

Bharathy Ganeshanathan, 18, of Carlton Colville, formerly from Benjamin Britten High School volunteered to open her results live on Radio Norfolk, and was thrilled to receive one A* grade and two A grades which secured her place at Imperial College in London to study medicine. Another student off to study medicine is Kane Simmonds, previously a student at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy. Kane who achieved two A* grades in Chemistry and Maths, an A grade in Biology and a B grade in Physics praised the support he received from his teachers and said: “The support I’ve received has been fantastic throughout both years at College. I’ve always wanted to study medicine and I’m thrilled that I’m going off to study medicine.”

The stakes were high for the four students waiting to hear whether they had been accepted by Cambridge University: Matthew Wigmore, 18, of Gorleston and formerly from Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, James Kershaw, 18, of Norton Subcourse, James Rose, 18, of Chedgrave, and John Payne, 18, of Lowestoft, all previously students at Hobart High School. They were all hugely relieved and delighted when they received confirmation that they had been accepted. Between them the ‘Cambridge four’ notched up an impressive fifteen A* grades. Matthew is going to study engineering and the others are off to study natural sciences.

Among those celebrating was Sophie Smith,18, of Gorleston, formerly from Lynn Grove Academy who is going to study Natural Sciences at Lancaster University after achieving an A* in Biology and Maths, and an A in French:

“The hard work has paid off and I’m really looking forward to my university course which will also include a year studying abroad.” she said.

Another top achiever was Sean Hendley, 18, of Rackheath and formerly from Broadland High School. Sean has been busy over the past year completing his portfolios for 3D Design and Graphics as well as a stint at London Fashion week. Sean notched up A* grades in 3D and Graphics and an A grade in English and was selected as the EDP young reporter covering fashion. Sean is off to Northumbria and has his sights set on a future career in fashion design and marketing said: “I travelled to EN because of its reputation and as I really wanted to study 3D. Although I originally wanted to become an architect, it became clear whilst at EN that my heart was in fashion. My teachers have been inspirational. “

Josh Ogden, 18, of Ditchingham and a former student at Hobart High School is off to study Environmental Earth Science at Aberystwyth University having achieved C grades in Environmental Studies and English Literature and a B grade in Geology. Josh was a silver medal winner at the World Skills Competition in Birmingham earlier in the year and was one of the youngest contestants in Britain. He has ambitions on becoming an environmental consultant although when he first came to EN he thought he wanted to be a zoologist. Josh credits his change of mind to his teachers and said: “My teachers have been awesome. They were inspirational and they ignited a real passion for my future career.”

One of the students choosing to take an apprenticeship route rather than university was Gemma Grimmer, 18, of East Ruston. Throughout her A level studies, Gemma has been on work placement in a children’s nursery and knew early on that this was her career goal. Gemma, formerly from Stalham High School, gained a grade B in English Language, a C grade in Health and Social Care and a D grade in Psychology and is now an apprentice Nursery Practitioner with Orchidale Children’s Nursery in Taverham.

Mrs King said that a record number of students had been offered unconditional places at their first university choice this year, based on their performance at AS level. She also was overwhelmed by the stunning performance of a number of students who had achieved full marks in their exams and cited examples in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics where Matthew Wigmore scored 100 per cent in nine of his exam papers, James Rose in eleven of his exam papers, James Kershaw in fifteen of his exam papers and John Payne in a record nineteen exam papers. She said: “To score full marks in any exam paper is exceptional. To score full marks in this number of papers proves that students at our college are amongst the very best in Britain and have worked tirelessly to achieve such stunning results. Thirty five students achieved all A*s and A’s which is incredible given that we are a non-selective community college. I wish every single student whatever their chosen career, the very best of luck and with results like these, Norfolk can be very proud.”

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