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East Norfolk Sixth Form students have voted overwhelmingly by 52 votes to 17 to stay in the EU following a debate about the UK’s position ahead of the June referendum.

It was the third debate held at the college over the last six years on this issue. In previous years there had been a score draw and in the most recent before last week’s debate the Pro side won a narrow victory.

Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon from the European Movement Organisation, representing the remain side and Stuart Agnew MEP from UKIP representing the leave side had five minutes each to persuade the audience to vote for their message which was then followed by questions from the students.

Politics students Will Oliver, Rowan Curtis and Catherine Drake asked questions in relation to sovereignty, trade and immigration before voting on the referendum question that will be put before the UK public on June 23rd

Dr Brooks-Gordon and Mr Agnew were both impressed with the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge with which the questions were asked and also that so many students had given up their lunch hour to talk about the EU. Organiser, Politics Teacher Alex Spalding after announcing the result pointed out that depending on the result on the 23rd June will depend whether we will need to do this all again in two years’ time.

Pictured: Dr Brooks-Gordon with East Norfolk students at the debate.

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