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Students at East Norfolk Sixth Form College have once again won prestigious scholarships from the London Institute of Business and Finance (LIBF).

The scholarships were £750 for those coming in the top 1% nationally of the Certificate & Diploma in Financial Studies examinations in 2016. There was a £500 scholarship for those students who achieved either an A or A* grade in the examinations. 22 students were successfully awarded scholarships, which is a significant achievement for any institution.

Courtney Williams, Matthew Vincent and Charis Williams secured the £750 Scholarships. (2nd year in the top 1%) – Courtney Williams

£500 scholarships were awarded to Daniel Page, Benjamin Briggs, Matthew Carr, Vinnie Glynn, Jacob Greenacre, Kelly Holt, Yasmin Johnson, Aaron Knights, Alan Koczor, Andrew Lekerman, Tyler Linden, Athena Mills, Henry Mower, Luke Neville, Toinen Phillips, Owen Reeder, Max Roby, William Shreeve, Daniel Wellings. The scholarships can be ‘cashed in’ if a student decides to continue their studies with the LIBF at their dedicated university in Lovett Lane in the heart of the London.

Teacher, Deborah Dyer said “It is incredibly rewarding to have another year with such high attainment. We run a range of courses in conjunction with the LIBF at East Norfolk and I am constantly surprised at how much the students and their parent’s value the things they learn on these courses. I believe all students should have access to the courses as they provide such vital skills and knowledge for modern life.”

Students also met with representatives from one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC). Jacob Maitland and Matthew Wylie highlighted just some of the variety of work that the modern accounting firm can be involved in. This ranged from the traditional preparing and auditing accounts to offering management advice on strategy, providing legal advice and offering financial services advice on investments and pensions.

Jacob works in the Norwich office and Matthew in Cambridge and spoke to students about their experiences, traveling to work on client premises from well-known High Street names to smaller firms. They shared their experiences of job hunting and gave some tips for students on how to beef up their CVs and present themselves well in interview. This was especially interesting from Jacob who had spent time in New York working for a recruitment agency when he left University.

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