Geology students impress industry experts at Gardline

A group of budding EN Geology Students have been given the fantastic opportunity of visiting a local marine surveying company, Gardline.

Great Yarmouth’s Gardline HQ is home to a range of marine services including geophysical, geotechnical and environmental survey services which are provided to offshore wind, oil and gas industries - a particular interest to our students.

During their visit, students were given an in-depth guided tour of all Gardline has to offer, from the extensive warehouses where equipment is built, developed and tested, to the laboratories where findings are intricately probed and analysed for the most accurate results. During the tour, students were educated on the various jobs on offer at Gardline and given an insight in to the wide variety of careers available within this industry.

This was followed by several presentations from industry experts, who explained their roles and the benefits this has, allowing our students to really understand the scope of opportunities.

Thanks to the fantastic relationship between EN and Gardline, a number of students were also interviewed for work experience placements. During their interviews, students were encouraged to discuss their specific interests, whether this be geotechnical, physical or environmental geology, in order for the experts to decide whether there would be suitable placements for them. Due to a high standard of interviewees, Gardline increased their original offer of six placements to seven, which is a fantastic gesture and testament to the achievements of the students.

One of those offered a placement, Holly Baker said: “I am excited to start working for Gardline as this is such a rare opportunity. I'm glad that EN has allowed me to be able to experience this opportunity, due to their connections with Gardline.”

Gardline’s Client Reporting Survey Manager, Kelly Bancroft says: “We hope this has shown students really how much there is to offer within a company like Gardline. You often hear of students saying how Great Yarmouth doesn’t have much to offer in terms of job prospects, well I hope this has shown how that is not at all the case. Great Yarmouth has so much to offer, you just have to look for it.”