A student at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, inspired by the work of the world famous fashion photographer Rankin, has now met her hero.

Michelle Connop travelled with Fine Art and Photography tutor Androulla Michael to Dazed Fashion Forum hosted by Amazon Fashion in London to meet the man himself. His work had been of huge relevance and inspiration to Michelle during her AS Photography course and she highlighted his importance in a project based on portraiture.

Michelle had been given an unconditional offer for the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) but was having second thoughts about accepting her place because it was a big step leaving Great Yarmouth for London. Androulla didn’t want to see Michelle miss out on such a fantastic opportunity so she arranged the visit to Rankin in the hope that it would inspire Michelle to follow her aspirations.

Michelle said: "Ever since I began my photography course in late 2013, Androulla understood and appreciated the extent of my passion. I’ve always aspired to be a fashion photographer and throughout my college years she was constantly updating me on what was going on in the world of fashion photography and advising me on ways to get involved in this competitive industry. 

“I never knew a single day could impact my life so much until that day. He was such a nice, genuine guy and Androulla helped give me the confidence to approach him professionally and talk to him about the area that I love, fashion photography.”

“I just wanted to kick start my fashion photography career in order to get a step closer to my ultimate dream and I highly doubt I would have been studying at university now had Androulla not had the confidence in me". 

Androulla Michael said “The influential and visual impact Rankin had on Michelle's photography was astonishing and truly inspirational, and the experience with Rankin and his team fulfilled a personal ambition.”

Rankin discussed and staged photos with Michelle and Androulla and these are destined to be printed in Rankin's co-founded Dazed & Confused magazine. Michelle completed a sensational fashion magazine for her A2 Photography exam unit and presented Rankin with a copy of it. He was really impressed by Michelle’s work which led to the photoshoot and Michelle is now endeavouring to apply for an internship with Rankin.

Photo from left to right – Michelle Connop, Rankin and Androulla Michael.

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