East Norfolk student’s success in Chemistry Olympiad

Students at East Norfolk Sixth Form College have once again triumphed in this year’s Chemistry Olympiad.

The Olympiad stems from a committee of teachers from schools and universities who spend a great deal of time and effort coming up with interesting and challenging questions on real and relevant chemistry, raising awareness of what the subject is all about.

The Round 1 paper is a written test of chemical knowledge and understanding and tackling the paper also provides a good opportunity to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond.

There is no doubt that these questions are demanding. They do not rely on the relatively easy recall of information which students will have met before, but instead on thinking and trying to work out answers to unfamiliar questions – this is much more difficult. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to high-scoring students.

This year Jed Notarianni, Pushpita Kabir, Yuliya Tereshko and Karris McGonigle achieved a bronze award. Maisie Wright achieved a silver award and Wilf Offord achieved an amazing gold award placing him in the top 8% of those students that entered – a fantastic achievement.