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East Norfolk celebrates student success!

Former students and their parents gathered at St Andrew’s Church in Gorleston for the annual East Norfolk Sixth Form College Awards Evening on Thursday 3 January 2019.

Great Yarmouth Mayor, Councillor Mary Coleman was Guest of Honour and presented special awards to a number of students for achieving outstanding results or for their contribution to the College or local community.

EN Principal, Dr Catherine Richards, said: “2018 was yet another fantastic year with students achieving some outstanding results. Our students achieved a 99% pass rate and there were 25 subjects with a 100% pass rate. More students progressed to universities than ever before and more students went to Russell Group Universities including Oxford, Cambridge and the UEA.

Many of the students achieved Norfolk Scholar Awards. These are presented to students who gained A*, A and B grades or Distinctions and no other school or college in Norfolk has achieved this number of certificates.

Dr Richards added: “Our former students should be very proud of their achievements and the fact they attended such a high performing Sixth Form College. Another reason why the Class of 2018 are unique, is because they are the last cohort of students to leave EN prior to us becoming an academy. None of these achievements would be possible without the commitment and dedicated team of staff across the College, both teaching and non-teaching staff who make sure our students are at the centre of all that they do.”

Special awards were presented to the following students:

Principal’s Special Award: Danni Elphick spent 3 years at the College improving her GCSE’s and working on her study skills. Working her way from Level 2 to full A level equivalent, Danni has shown that a passion for a subject and a desire to help others can ensure that anything is possible. She had a strong determination to do well no matter what happened to her and to overcome health and learning challenges that made studying even more difficult. Danni is now at reading Law with Criminology at University in London.

Principal’s Special Award for Academic Achievement: In her 2 years at EN Kerry Legg achieved A grades at AS level in 6 subjects and 3A* and 1 A grade at A2. James Philpott-Robson achieved a similar set of results during his two years achieving A grades in 5 AS level subjects and 4 A* grades at A2. There is no doubt that these two students will continue their academic success at their respective Universities on go onto to successful careers in their chosen fields.

Governor’s Award: The Governor’s Award is given to students who have achieved a UCAS score of over 480 points. Kerry Legg achieved a score of 540 UCAS points and James Philpott- Robson achieved a highly impressive score of 560 points. Both of these students excelled in their studies during their time at EN.

NUA Award for Achievement in Art: Tayne Lipscombe studied three art subjects during her A Levels including Textiles, Graphics and Photography. She proved to be an exceptional student by managing her workload effectively, she was extremely dedicated and motivated and developed sophisticated skills in knitting and crocheting. She continues to excel in her creative practice as she is currently studying the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at EN.

Buguth Award: This award is kindly been sponsored by Randhir Buguth, a local dentist and Trustee of the College, and is awarded to a student who has had to overcome serious challenges in order to succeed in their studies.Tiffany Elliott spent 3 years at East Norfolk and developed her confidence and sheer determination while she was with us. Tiffany has a real talent for media and media production. There were many times when she nearly gave up but we are proud of the person

Bruce Halsey Award for Achievement in Maths: Jake Dixon averaged over 94% in twelve module exams across Maths & Further Maths, including achieving 100% in six modules. He is fully deserving of both this award and the A* grades he gained in Maths and Further Maths. Jake has gone on to read Mathematics at Nottingham University and undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him.

Award for Achievement in Physics: James Philpott-Robson is one of the most outstanding Physicists to attend the college, his depth of knowledge in the subject was amazing. Excelling in tests scoring 90%+ on every test throughout the course, he is masterful at the mathematical parts such as deriving formulae from scratch and thrives at explaining the complexities of the most difficult topics and enjoys the opportunity to explore them and discuss future developments in space and engineering. James has gone on to study Physics at Durham University.

Award for Achievement in Chemistry: Imogen Seago is undoubtedly one of the most gifted chemists we have ever had the privilege of teaching at EN. She achieved the highest mark in her cohort demonstrating the highest possible understanding of the chemistry content. Imogen never took her gift for granted and her work ethic was unrivalled; she spent hours and hours outside of the classroom completing as many extra questions and past papers as she could find to complete tasks to the absolute best of her ability. Imogen is now studying Medicine at University of Cambridge.

Achievement in Biology: Kerry Legg has always been an outstanding student in biology. Very well humoured, and always striving to improve, it was clear that she would make an excellent scientist. Kerry was often very humble, and always willing to listen to advice and help her peers with the knowledge she quickly assimilated. Kerry has gone on to study Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge.

Award for Achievement in Applied Science: Amelia Willows demonstrated outstanding effort and fully deserves her excellent outcome (D* in Certificate 2017; D* in Sub Dip in 2018) Her work ethic was absolutely amazing and she managed to get ahead in every topic and finished the whole course way before everybody else. She still attended lessons even though she didn’t need to and worked on her other subjects to make sure that she would do well in her exams. All in all, a star student. Amelia is now studying Diagnostic Radiography at University Campus Suffolk.

England & Co Solicitors Award for Achievement in Law and History: Cody Abel consistently demonstrated a natural sense of curiosity about all of his subjects. This combined with a dogged determination to achieve the high standards he set himself. Cody displayed exemplary determination and endeavour as well as a significant level of academic excellence. He is now studying History and Politics at University of Cambridge.

Award for Achievement in Business: Geoffrey Bocking has a learning difficulty which has made studying more challenging however in spite of this, he achieved a grade B and developed his social skills to work with his peers. He worked extremely hard to achieve the D* overall for the Business Subsidiary Diploma and he had excellent attendance during his time at EN. Geoffrey is now studying Travel and Tourism Management at University of West London.

Mortgage Advice Bureau Award for Achievement in Finance: Joss Brannigan consistently went above and beyond in his efforts to achieve his A* grade in Financial Studies being amongst the top 1% of students taking these examinations from across the country. He was diligent and dedicated and is now studying Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management at Nottingham Trent University.

Award for Endeavour and Effort: Evan Pugh overcame complex barriers to learning to become the first person in his family to go to University and he is currently studying Games Design at NUA. His attendance and work ethic were exemplary, and he achieved this award due to his determination to overcome challenges which could have easily stopped him achieving the D and CC in Games, Creative writing and Film (A level).

Award for Voluntary work and Contribution to College life: Over Shay Jordan’s two years with EN he immersed himself into the role of a student ambassador, supporting the marketing team. He was always the first to volunteer for numerous events and conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. Shay had a very proactive approach to speaking with prospective students and parents at open events and was always the last ambassador left standing! He was well respected by college staff and his peers for his friendly and willing nature.

Daphne King Award for Volunteering in the Community: Kate McNelly took part in the Youth STEMM gold award where one of the requirements is to “Inspire the next generation” by teaching some STEM content to younger students. Kate’s outgoing personality and non-judgemental attitude make her a perfect tutor and she fully deserves to be recognised for the time and energy she puts into helping other students. Kate achieved an A*at A level Chemistry and unsurprisingly gained her gold Youth STEMM award. Kate is now studying Dental Surgery at University of Leeds.

Award for Achievement in Public Services: Levi Bullock proved to be an outstanding public services student and maintained an almost perfect attendance record. Levi would always offer his services to his peers when they required further support and help during their time in college showing the kind of caring approach which would be a key part of any public service. Levi is now studying Leadership in the Public Sector at Norwich City College of Further and Higher Education.

Sportsman of the Year: Connor Ingram joined the college with a reputation as a very talented footballer and didn’t disappoint. In his time at college he represented the team at local, regional and national level and was part of the team that performed exceptionally well at the national finals in 2018. Connor is now studying Physical Education at University of East Anglia.

Sportswoman of the Year: Greta Balfour is a coach’s dream; hardworking, dedicated, ambitious and perhaps most importantly enthusiastic. During her time at college Greta quickly established herself as an exceptional student and someone who was always keen to find the next challenge. In May 2018 Greta secured a place on the UK Sport funded talent programme which she is now involved in alongside her work as a Lifeguard at Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Award for Contribution to Sport: Amelia Perry showed a great deal of passion for health and fitness within her sports science lessons but went above and beyond in her role on the student sports council. Amelia was a vital part of the team that planned the 24-hour sportathon in March which saw the college raise over £1700 for Sport Relief. Amelia is now studying Health and Exercise at University of Lincoln.

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation Award: Bradley Chilvers became a role model for his peers and worked incredibly hard to improve his grades and as a result was successful in his application to progress into higher education. Having impressed the EN teachers and CSF staff Bradley secured a work placement at East Norfolk and has continued to impress. Bradley is studying Football Development and Coaching at Easton College.

Award for Achievement in Drama/Music: Maisie Spackman was an outstanding Performing Arts student. Her enthusiastic and professional approach to performance and the ability to work as a reflective practitioner were complemented by her ability to use her initiative and push creative boundaries in her performance. Her excitement for Musical Theatre was infectious, so it was no surprise to the Performing Arts Department to learn that Maisie successfully auditioned and gained a place at a competitive vocational Performing Arts school.

Octavia Sharman was an outstanding Drama and Theatre student, who continually demonstrated her brilliance and aptitude in her understanding of theatre both practically and theoretically. She was an inquisitive, mature and thoughtful student who was highly motivated and determined to be successful. Octavia is one of the most exceptionally able students her teachers have had the pleasure to teach. Octavia is currently on a gap year before taking up a place at Manchester University to study Drama.

Anita Gentry Award for Achievement in English: Ellica Aitken is a phenomenal student of English Literature. She is a true intellectual and enjoys weighing up the big ideas of the texts. She is a confident researcher and independent reader; she is unafraid of complex texts and does not shy away from philosophical debates. She thoroughly deserves her place at Cambridge to study Literature for her degree and we are very proud of her.

Anita Hartley Award for Achievement in Modern Foreign Languages: Nicole Dias was extremely committed from the outset to achieve the best possible grade in Spanish. She regularly attended additional sessions and reflected on her learning to seek continual improvement. Although she found written expression a challenge at first, she never gave up working hard on improving her skills whilst always remaining positive and cheerful. Nicole is studying Education at University of East Anglia.

Gardline Award for Achievement in Geology: Jack Tingle was a polite and cheerful student with a talent for Geology. Jack has developed a superb understanding of geology, extending beyond the requirements of the syllabus. In his first year Jack achieved full marks on both of the written exam papers and gained a superb AS level result. His time during the second year was also wisely spent, and Jack completed the course by achieving an excellent and well-deserved A* grade.

Award for Achievement in Geography: Bayleigh McLaurin improved from a D at AS level to an A at A level. She worked incredibly hard throughout the second year to achieve this. Bayleigh demonstrated great resilience. She was always really bubbly in lessons and was a very positive influence on her peers. Bayleigh is studying a Veterinary Gateway Programme at Royal Veterinary College.

Award for Achievement in Health and Social Care: Emily Nesbitt has spent three years studying health and social care subjects and during this time, through her hard work and commitment, Emily has grown in confidence, realising that she is able to reach her potential and beyond. Emily tackled every hurdle she met with a positive attitude and a smile. Emily is now undertaking an Operating Department Practitioner programme at the UEA.

Award for Achievement in Sociology: Not only was Shay Jordan a great role model but he was also extremely diligent who worked on revision cards from day one. He was a particularly motivated student as he was interested in Sociology whilst at the same doing a science/maths subject which is unusual for a sociologist. He achieved A, B, C at A level and is now at the UEA reading Maths.

Award for Achievement in Psychology: Chloe Bowles is a phenomenal psychology student who developed an in depth understanding of every aspect of the course, which was reflected in her A* in psychology and the highest exam score of her year. Additionally she was a fantastic member of the class who always supported her peers in developing their understanding and contributed positively to college life. Chloe is studying Psychology at University of Bath.

Award for Achievement in Religious Studies: Will George worked extremely hard in Religious Studies and continually extended work with reading and practice essays. He asked challenging questions and contributed thoughtful analysis to discussion. He achieved a very impressive A* for his Religious studies and an A B for his other subjects. Will is studying Psychology at Loughborough University.

Award for Achievement in Creative Media: Motivation and commitment is essential in the competitive creative media industries and Nicholas Bale had both in abundance. Always first to complete tasks and to get started on a project, Nic worked incredibly hard to manage his workload and develop skills in camera operation and in his writing. Nicholas is studying Media at City College Norwich.

Award for Achievement in Games: Max Ouaddane was an outstanding learner. He excelled in both the practical and theoretical aspects of games development. Max would always work to the best of his abilities and would not be afraid to ask questions when required. Max is now studying Games Development at Staffordshire University, the county’s leading Games and technology institution, and he has already made a positive impression on his teachers and peers due to the impressive skillset and attitude that he brought with him.

Award for Achievement in IT and Computing: Jade Roberts was a shining light. She typified the perfect student; a punctual, regular attender who always produced high quality work that was submitted on time. During her time with EN, Jade was recruited by the James Paget University hospital as an IT apprentice where she will be improving her skillset and is now on track to becoming a highly skilled and highly paid IT professional.

The following EN students were also named as Norfolk Scholars 2018:

Jake Oliver Long

Joseph Freeman

Amber Louise Clarke

Jake Brown

Greta Louise Balfour

Keara Blythe Hurrell

Amelia Perry

Levi Mark Bullock

Maeghan Domiczew

Edward Nourse

Tara Louise Jenkins

Molly Jean Brown

Cai Merlin Jephcott

Chloe Bowles

Jasmine Tiana Love

Cody Jay Abel

Kioni Marie Broomfield

Rebecca Smith

Will George

Catherine Thompson

Octavia Sharman

Sophie Thrower

Muhammed N’dow

Florence Burgess

Ronan Andrew Collins

Alexandra Victoria Rose Russell

Kirushan Kanesan

Shannon Moore

Jake William Dixon

Tyler Bullard

Jordan Rodwell

Dulcie Canham

James Peter Brookes

Kate Frances McNelly

Kai Paul Dyble

Abigail Jade Jones

Harrison Arnold

Victoria Hornagold

Nathan James Howell

Jamie Ray Smith

John Stephen Zuniga

Kerry Elizabeth Legg

Ethan Luke Smith

Oliver Jake Harris

Jodie Donovan

Joss David Brannigan

Devon Brannigan

Ellica Aitken

Georgia Andrews

Oluwaseyi Joseph

James Philpott-Robson

Justyna Jaworska

Jack Michael Collins

Kingsley Rafferty

Sebastian Frederick

Taylor Southgate

Alice Auton-Warby

Kar Hoo Thomas Chui

Cerys Emily Back

Katie Harte

Samuel Brabben

Rowenna Durrant

Stella Despina Mavroudis

Cerys Gent

Bradley Tyler Rope

Benjamin Ashley Vasey

Samuel Wooldridge

Nicole Dias

Alice Molly Leveroni

Jessica Eva Sparkes

Bethany Marriott

Yanish Bully

George Peter Harvey

Hannah Burroughs

Iona Grace Brett

Imogen Seago

Amelia Jane Willows

Olivia Li

Jade Cherry May Carter

Ethan Greenwood

Connor Ryan Barlow

Kyle James Aidan Ellis

Joshua Mark Gladden

Alex Chudiakov

Declan Mathew Rix

Olivia Godbold

Jack Tillett

Callan Micheal Duffy

Zachary Thompson

Joseph Wilkinson

Zoe Kimberley King

Ellie Hosier

Edvinas Kavaliauskas

Joshua Steven Willis

Ruth Ann Manalo

Jade Roberts

Siesha Humphries

Connor Lewis Ingram

Sophie Miller

Joel Ellian Wilson

Elliot Brooks

Cameron James Smith

Matthew James Calver

Jamie Townshend

Alexander King

Saffron Nadine Wallis

Lewis Marsden Danson

Macaulay Alan Holt

Bethany Paige King

Geoffrey Bocking

Chad Chapman

Samuel Alastair King Logan Moore

Katharine Hawkins