When you study at East Norfolk – you will be on a full time programme. You will typically be on a three block (subjects) programme. Extend students will be on a four block programme.

Each block is 90 minutes long and you will have three lessons a week for each subject – so 9 blocks of teaching for the majority of students and 12 blocks for Extend. You will also have between 3 and 6 non-teaching blocks for independent study and getting that all important coursework completed.

The College day is officially 9:30-15:00. The time at which these lessons take place is unique to every student (due to every student having their own individual programme).

You are free to use the campus facilities - study zones, skills areas, library, cafeteria and coffee shop when you are not in your lessons and during break & lunch.

You are equally free to leave the campus when you are not in lessons or on break, for example to visit the local amenities found on Gorleston High Street - only a short walk way.

Tutorial System

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the provision here at East Norfolk and from September we are making some exciting changes to our tutorial system and personal development more generally across the College. As a result of student and staff feedback and input we will be making the following key changes:

• All EN Progress Tutors will be specialist pastoral team members

• There will be a core team of Progress Tutors ensuring consistency of experience

• Teachers will no longer be form tutors but will instead focus on teaching, as well as supporting their classes, including supporting students with attendance and work submission

• Student Tutor Sessions will be timetabled into a lesson slot within the week, which will include 40 mins of focused delivery and the remaining time for personal development, supportive meetings and group work

• A new and updated EN Personal Development Programme will be delivered to all students

• SET time will move from within the College day to the end at 3pm, where there will be a range of activities supporting academic and extra-curricular endeavours, which students will be expected to commit to

• The end of the taught day will now be 3pm and Student Prep time will finish by 3.30pm on most days except where special sessions are provided by EN. Please the new timetable below. The bus times will continue to run at their normal times.

To find out more about these exciting changes and what is coming in the autumn please check out the following link to a short video explaining the system in more detail.


Further information will be provided at the start of the autumn term through the brand new tutorial sessions!