Ben, a student from 2013-2019, took many courses from GCSE English to A Level Law and Psychology during his time at ENMAT.

Historical personal experiences enabled Ben to champion and advocate for equality of access for all students at College whilst developing Ben’s own confidence to promote his ‘can do’ attitude to life and learning. Ben’s competency in the Law field soared during his years at College; he was a keen participant in equality debates, often giving presentations about how his own visual impairment should not dictate who he is as an individual and this culminated in him securing a work placement at an accountancy firm in Norwich.

Ben overcame many difficulties at College, keeping a firm belief that achievement and success would be the goal; likening study to be the preparation for what lies ahead “ No one enjoys preparation, but it’s not meant to be enjoyed” stated Ben, “I hate beating eggs, weighing flour, mixing butter, but I love eating the cake afterwards as many people do. Even at times I’ve slipped, work wise, like I was walking in butter, but it’s not the falling that matters, it’s how we pick ourselves back up! That is what College is; you get out of it what you put in. If you sit in a class doing nothing, you’ll fail, put some effort in and you’ll get the grades you want. After all, you can’t have a cake unless you put all the ingredients in!” This attitude enabled Ben to successfully take his place at UEA, where he is currently studying Law.

Ben is a self-confessed petrol head and is an avid follower of Formula One racing. What Ben doesn’t know about F1 racing isn’t worth knowing!