Keep your eyes on the TV credits - Emma Tennant might be a name you will see in the future. 

The 17-year-old, who has completed her first year at EN with AS levels in Film Studies, Creative Writing and English Literature, is hoping for a future in a TV studio, scripting and maybe novel writing too.

In March this year, Emma acted as an ambassador for the college at the Travelling with a Disability conference in Lowestoft. She staffed the desk, recorded visitors on their arrival and helped with refreshments in the kitchen.

Following the conference, Emma showed her literary flair by writing a journalistic article about it, from the point of view of an individual with a hearing and visual impairment.  Emma, who is herself HI, said the conference was a valuable experience as she became more aware of how much was going on to help people and how much still needed improvement.  Emma states, “If the opportunity arose, I would do it again.”

Emma said her enthusiasm for writing was inspired when aged about seven by a teacher who read the Chronicles of Narnia to the class.  Since joining East Norfolk from the Benjamin Britten School, Lowestoft, Emma said she had become a lot more independent, especially when finding her way around the campus and found the staff helpful.

“Teachers have been very inspiring, opening up my ideas to opportunities,” she said.

She begins her A2 level study in September 2017 and following these, hopes to go to university; possibly Aberystwyth.

In her free time, Emma has won gold, silver and bronze awards for roller-skating in the Free Skating category.  She also enjoys volunteering for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and she has helped children look for mini-beasts on education days.