Please complete the below form if you live over one mile from the College. Note: we include Great Yarmouth in the 'one mile' rule. Please return by 20 July for transport assistance from September 2020 onwards. Late applications may not be processed by the start of new academic year.

Student Details

Parent/Guardian Details

Bursary / Discretionary Fund


If you have to pay the subsidised fee of £345.00 then this will be due in August and an invoice will be sent to you. You may pay the full amount or three termly instalments of £145, £100 and £100 respectively for each term. Do not include payment with this form.

If applying after the 20 July deadline: Students need to be aware that they may need to make their own travel arrangements while their application is being assessed and that any costs incurred will not be refunded.


Parent/Carer (or student, if independent)

I declare that to be best of my knowledge and belief the information I have given on this form is accurate and complete. I will notify East Norfolk Sixth Form College of any changes and will return any travel pass which is no longer required. Refunds will only be given where the travel pass is returned to East Norfolk Sixth Form College and the College has not incurred additional costs. A £30 admin cost will be deducted from the refund. I can confirm that my son/daughter lives at least one mile (within reason) from the College. I consent to the information provided on this application being disclosed in order for a bus pass to be purchased.  

Please tick the box below to confirm you have read and agree with the above declaration.