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Students at EN have the unique opportunity to apply and take part in the James Paget Health Academy.

The programme offers students 12 workshops at James Paget University Hospital that take place alongside their studies at EN. The first year has been an enormous success for our students, not just because of the incredible mentoring and support they have received from the staff at the hospital or the fantastic experiences they have had, but also because their eyes have been opened to what it means to work in a hospital: what it smells like, what the real stresses are and how the teams work together for the patient. It has, without a doubt, given the students a platform on which to launch their healthcare career.

All of this year’s graduates have secured themselves an apprenticeship or a place at university to study courses from Adult Nursing to Physiotherapy and we are proud to say that one student secured themselves a coveted scholarship to study Nursing at the University of East Anglia!

Emma Gordon Next year once I leave college I will be going on to study Pharmacy at UEA. Before the academy I was split between a few different job roles within health care, and the academy helped me refine my choices and decide that health care was definitely the route to go down. Not only did the academy give me the opportunity to experience the hospital from a different perspective, but it gave me something to talk about in my personal statement and came up in my interviews at two different universities. Similarly, when applying for a job at the hospital it showed the panel in my interview that I already had an understanding of the hospital.

The academy has given me many great experiences, that I know I will be able to apply to my future career, and therefore has helped shaped me as a (hopefully) future pharmacist.

Cerys Humphries:  I am set to leave college in June, to work full time and volunteer through the summer to help prepare myself before my adult nursing and midwifery degree starts. From being at the Senior Health Care Academy I was lucky enough to gain a scholarship for my desired course, this will enable so many possibilities, therefore I am very grateful for all the professionals who have inspired me but I am especially thankful to Cherry and Sharron for all their continued support and encouragement throughout the duration of the academy.

Carys Edwards:  After being given the incredible opportunity to take part in the health care academy, I have secured my desire to become a Pharmacist. In order to do this, I will be going to study Pharmacy at the UEA in September, where I hope to learn the necessary knowledge in order to peruse my future career. During my interview at the UEA, I was able to draw upon the experiences that the healthcare academy has given me, which I believe was a great asset and not something that many people could talk about. The health care academy has exposed me to a range of healthcare roles of which I had never considered previously. I learnt invaluable and transferable skills such as communication and resilience, both of which are significant in a hospital environment. Without this opportunity, I would not know as much about Pharmacy as I do now, nor would I be as confident in my abilities

Holly Carroll: I am going to be studying at UEA doing Adult Nursing. The JPHCA has widened my knowledge and given me such a unique insight into the field of health care that is very rare and I have been lucky enough to have this amazing experience. This experience will definitely benefit me in my later career in Nursing.

Megan Murray:  When I leave college I will be studying Adult nursing. I currently have 5 offers so it’s just a matter of deciding which university, but I think it will be UEA. The JPHCA has helped me to consolidate that nursing is the career for me. It has shown me all the different roles and opportunities in healthcare and I am grateful for the fantastic opportunity.