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It will not be long until you receive your GCSE results.

The next step, once you have your results, will be for you to enrol. You’ll receive an email about this on or shortly before the GCSE results day which will contain all the information you need to add your results to the online portal, submit a photo and book your enrolment meeting. These meetings can take place both remotely and face to face here at the College.

These will take place on Thursday 20th August, Friday 21st August, Monday 24th August and Tuesday 25th August, however if you aren’t able to make any of those days please contact to discuss.


After enrolling you’ll then be invited to attend your personal induction session via email on the evening of Tuesday 25th August. You’ll be able to book this through an online system. These group sessions will be held at the College and will be carried out by your Progress Tutor. They will take place on Thursday 27th August, Friday 28th August, Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September and you will be able to book the most convenient two hour slot for you on any of those days. These slots will run from 10.30 to 12.30pm and from 1.30 to 3.30pm.

Bookings will be made on a first come first served basis. If you have any trouble using the booking system please contact for support. If you aren’t able to make any of these slots you’ll be offered the chance to email your Progress Tutor to make contact and arrange another time to catch up with them. If you haven’t booked a slot by 3pm on Wednesday 26th August then you’ll automatically be assigned an appointment and receive an email highlighting this.

We see induction as a key part of welcoming you to the College which is why we think meeting other students and your Progress Tutor face to face at the start of term is key. You’ll also get the chance to pick up your ID card, find out more about the College and routes of support and be able to explore the site. We are of course constantly reviewing government guidance and will keep you updated if things change and we have to adjust our approach.

Frequently asked questions:

I am on holiday/unable to attend for the timeslots available, what should I do?

Please e-mail the Admissions Team or call 01493 662234 (Option 5) so we can schedule an alternative enrolment time for you.

I would like to change my options, how can I make these changes to my application?

Please e-mail the Admissions Team or call 01493 662234 (Option 5) and we will be happy to help you.

When will I receive my new timetable?

Timetables are due to be released shortly before the term starts in early September. Please check Facebook & Twitter for updates nearer the time. 

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