Level 3 - Thursday 15 August

Level 3 Year 2 students

• All Level 3 Year 2 students will need to come in to College to collect their results at 9am on Results Day, Thursday 15th August. UCAS guidance (including Clearing advice) will be available for students who need it.

• Any students who are intending to return for a third year will also need to come back in on Friday 16th August to re-enrol.

Level 3 Year 1 students

• All Level 3 Year 1 students will receive their exam results (for Level 3 AS and BTEC courses) via a link sent to their College email at 11am on Results Day, Thursday 15th August.

• If they have passed their BTEC courses and/or achieved D or above in their AS courses, they will be able to auto-enrol. They should follow the instructions on the link in the email.

Once auto enrolled via the email, students do not need to come into College until the start of their lessons on Wednesday 4th September (timetables will appear on Moodle and they will receive a text indicating when they are available).

• If they have not achieved the grades that they need to progress, they will not be auto enrolled and instead will be given a time slot to come in to College the next day, Friday 16th August, to discuss their options.

• Any student who has also taken a GCSE or L2 course will not be able to auto enrol. They will need to come in on GCSE results day, Thursday 22nd August, at 11am.

Level 2 - Thursday 22 August

• Students who have only taken GCSE or L2 courses will not receive an email with their results; they will need to come in to College on GCSE Results Day, Thursday 22nd August at 11am and then enrol onto their level 3 programme if they are returning to College.

Good luck to everyone!

Are you planning on returning to EN? Don't forget to renew your bus pass

You will need a new bus pass for the new academic year. If you have not already done so, please be aware that you are required to apply for the new bus pass online. For details on how to apply for yours and for further information please click here.

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