Instructions for ex-East Norfolk students making a UCAS application 2021 or deferred entry 2022 and requesting a reference

Please read all the information below so that we can process your reference request as swiftly as possible.


When registering please do so as an individual. Registration is straight forward but once you start to complete the different sections of your form do check that you have accurately entered all the information. Most sections are self-explanatory. Use the drop down boxes.

You must complete all sections marked *.


When you wish to request a reference go to Options on the left hand side of the page and click on ‘Ask a registered school, college or organisation to write your reference only’. You will need to enter our buzzword which is EN2021.

This means that we can write a reference for you but we won't be involved in the rest of your application. Once we have completed the reference, a red tick will be displayed next to 'Reference' section in the left-hand navigation. You will then be responsible for sending your application, once all parts, including the reference, are complete.

Please do not choose the option ‘Link your application to your school, college or organisation’ as we will not be able to process your form.

Your reference will only be completed once we have received payment of £30. Cheques should be made payable to ENMAT or you can make a BACS transfer.

Please complete all stages, or your request will not be processed.

  1. Complete the online form that will allow the College to prepare to process your UCAS application promptly.
  2. Arrange to pay the £30 fee to our Finance Office. You can either come in to college and pay it or make a transfer to our account. Please email for further details.

Once you have completed these stages make sure you check your email regularly, as we will contact you via email if we require further details from you.